Botswana’s Internet users faced new threats Tuesday as the country’s Internet watchdog issued a warning against the spread of malicious software in the country.

The Botswana Information Security Authority (ISSA) said in a statement Tuesday that malware and cybercrime organizations were using botnets to spread malicious software and steal personal information.

The agency also said that the Botswana government had begun working on a cybersecurity strategy to ensure Botswana is secure in the face of the new threat.

Botswana has been battling an economic crisis since 2015.

According to the statement, the new threats have come as a result of the Botswanese government’s response to a massive ransomware attack last year, which resulted in the loss of more than one billion Botswana dollars ($3.1 billion).

The malware threat has been used by organizations like the Blackhat, WannaCry and Stuxnet cyberwarriors to steal information from organizations in the financial sector.

Botswanians have also been forced to move to online services like Skype and Google Hangouts, according to the ISSA.