Botswana will become the first African country to be bought by Google.

News portal is set to be spun off from the existing news aggregator, Botswana News, which will focus on online content.

Botswana currently has 4.5 million users.

The company has also partnered with News India to bring in a new staff to oversee Botswana news.

Botswanans who want to use Google’s News platform can now register. will continue to be an independent, self-governing organisation, with its own revenue stream, said Botswana media minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala in a statement on Tuesday.

Botsania News will remain the main source of news in Botswana for many years to come.

The news portal will be renamed Botswana Now., a Botswana-based online service that focuses on news from the Botswana region, is set up.

It will focus mainly on Botswana business and development news.

The Botswana Times will also become the news portal, while the local newspaper, News of Botswana, will remain a regular feature.

News aggregator is set for a new spinoff from that will focus exclusively on online news, Okonja said. will remain an independent news platform.

NewsIndia will focus primarily on news and news content, according to Okonko-Iveala.

News India currently has 8.5m users, and is the second largest news portal in Africa.