The FBI has uncovered a sophisticated Russian-backed cyberattack that targeted US political campaign organizations in at least eight states, according to a newly disclosed intelligence report.

The report, obtained by The Hill, was made public Tuesday by U.S. officials.

The FBI’s Cyber Division uncovered a new threat that targeted the Democratic National Committee, a group that had been targeted by Russian operatives in recent years, according the report.

It said the Russian hackers targeted the DNC by creating an ad hoc team to hack social media platforms and other networks, then using the information to infiltrate the group and install malicious software on its computers.

The agency also discovered that the Russians targeted several other groups, including Democratic candidates, state parties and independent groups.

The DNC did not respond to The Hill’s request for comment.

The information is consistent with other reports of Russian involvement in cyberattacks against U..

S.-based political campaigns, the report said.

In October, The Hill reported that the FBI had uncovered evidence that Russia was behind the election-year spearphishing campaign that infected more than 150,000 people.

The Russian government has denied involvement in the campaign.

The Hill has previously reported on Russian hackers targeting Democratic Party and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee emails.

It is unclear how the DNC’s internal email system was targeted.

The U.N. Security Council unanimously adopted new sanctions in September after the report emerged.

The new sanctions, signed by the Russian president and the country’s ambassador to the U.K., were intended to punish the Russian government for what U.R.U.S., the report’s author, Matthew Rogers, said was a “massive cyber campaign” that targeted U.H.S.’s email system.

The sanctions were the latest move in President Donald Trump’s administration to pressure Russia over its alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election.

The administration has also said the U,S.

has information that the Kremlin is responsible for hacking and leaking emails from Democratic organizations, including the DNC.

The Trump administration also has questioned Russia’s alleged hacking efforts.

The latest intelligence report, dated Nov. 29, also found that the Russian military was conducting reconnaissance flights over the U