Botswana, South Africa, Botswana has a reputation for being a place where you can get kidnapped, but is it really that dangerous?

The country is a tourist destination, and its tourism industry is booming.

With tourists flooding into the country every year, there are now more than 1.5 million visitors per day, according to the Botswana Tourism Board.

That’s the third-highest number in the world, behind the United States and the United Kingdom.

With such high numbers, people are afraid to leave the country, according the Botswanese government.

But when you’re traveling in Botswana and are abducted, you’re almost guaranteed to end up in a foreign country.

According to the police, many people are caught in this trap, and in some cases, even the authorities are willing to go along with it.

It’s a very dangerous situation, especially if you’re kidnapped.

A man who was abducted by a group of people in October of last year told the CBC’s Africa Tonight that they took him to an area near the city of Gaborone and then took him out of the city.

The man said he was taken into a house and told to strip down and get dressed.

They took him outside and started beating him up.

They said that they were going to rape him and then kill him.

When the police arrived, they told him that they would be calling the police if he refused to leave.

After two hours, he was released, and the police went back to the house and picked him up again.

The same man told the same story to The Associated Press, but he says the police didn’t call the police.

He said the police took him from his home, and then beat him.

A woman who was taken to a hospital in January 2016 told The Associated Post that she was raped by four men while being held captive.

She said she was later released by the police and later returned to her home.

The police told CBC News that they’re investigating the claims.

The other two women, who also went to hospital, told The New York Times that they had been raped by a man who they said forced her into a car and drove her to a nearby village.

One of them told The Times that she told the man to stop raping her and he told her to get out of his car.

She says she left her car and walked into the woods to avoid the men.

“They took me by the neck, put me in the car and they drove me around for four days,” she said.

“I was crying.

I was scared.

I thought I would die.”

The man who took the woman told The Globe and Mail that he is a teacher in the village and that he went out with his girlfriend and their children to visit a friend in the nearby town of Tjaluit.

He was driving in the area when he heard a car horn.

He saw a group walking through the area.

He got out of their car and told the driver to stop the car.

“He told me to get in,” he said.

The men told him he had to come back to their house and get ready to have sex with the woman, and he agreed.

But after they told the woman he was going to marry her, he fled.

Police said the men abducted the woman at gunpoint, raped her, and buried her alive.

The women said they were later able to find the bodies of their abductors and the man they abducted.

“It’s very scary,” said Jannie Nwankwu, the chief of the local police station.

“The only way to escape is to call the security force, and that’s what they did to us.”

But when asked what would happen if a kidnapping were to happen, she said she could not comment on the case.

The woman said she did not think she would be able to return to her country until she was free.

“If they found my body, I would have to pay a ransom,” she told The AP.

She was released after paying $1,000.

According the BBC, the women who went to the hospital told the BBC that they did not have to tell anyone they were the victims of a kidnapping.

“You can never tell what will happen when someone is kidnapped,” said Nwandu.

“But we have to protect ourselves.”

There are other stories of kidnapping that have occurred in Botswania.

In May of last fall, police said that a group abducted a couple in the city city of Nzabani and took them to a farm.

According an official statement, the woman was abducted while walking in a park and the husband was taken from the farm.

The official statement said the couple was raped and buried alive.

In March of this year, police told The BBC that a man was abducted in the same area and taken to the farm of a farmer.

The farmer told police that he had been abducted by men who threatened him.

“We did not see any other