GABANI, Argentina — The U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires has released a list of companies it considers most promising, citing the company’s “smart and flexible workforce” and “strong intellectual property portfolio.”

In the list, which includes a host of companies, the embassy said the company is looking to hire at least one senior executive, a CTO, a technical engineer and a senior product manager.

The Embassy has previously criticized Argentina for its labor practices, but it’s unclear if the companies listed here have the same issues.

It’s also unclear if these companies are already in the process of hiring.

“We think this list is a powerful reminder that Argentina is a global leader in technology, and it is important to know the company or company partners is well-prepared to fill the roles of leaders,” the Embassy said in a statement.

Companies are required to have at least 50 employees on staff to operate a company, the Embassy statement said.

“Many of these companies do not have this number and have a workforce that is significantly lower than the national average.”

Argentina has an unemployment rate of around 16 percent, compared with the OECD average of over 19 percent, the State Department says.

The government also said it is investing $7 billion over the next five years in “creating more innovative and creative businesses that can lead Argentina in the future.”