An Indian startup is trying to turn smartphones into tablets.

An online company called Kalaari has made a phone-sized device that can be attached to a smartphone.

“Our company has a lot of experience with smartphones and tablets and we wanted to bring the smartphone experience to tablet form factors.

We have built a mobile phone that can fit inside a tablet.

Our phone-size tablet can work as a phone or a tablet,” says Rakesh Sharma, the co-founder and CEO of Kalaar.

It’s a bold move, considering smartphones have been in decline for a long time.

But it could also open up the space for Android-based tablets.

Android has been dominating tablets for quite some time.

It’s the number one platform in the world, but tablets are still in their infancy. 

“In the last three years, the market share of tablets has come down significantly from the last few years.

That’s partly due to the introduction of smartphones,” says Arvind Pahwa, chief technology officer of smartphone maker OnePlus.”

We’re still a long way away from having a fully functional smartphone.

But, as the industry matures, there will be more and more devices that can work in tandem with the phone, so it will become a more common feature,” he says.

Kalaari hopes that its device will be the first to give smartphones a mobile OS.

The company is in the process of working with several smartphone manufacturers, and hopes to launch its product in the first half of 2018. 

In the meantime, Sharma says, the idea is to get a phone inside the tablet. 

He says he wants to make it so that it’s easy to pick up.

The Kalaara phone-like device will have a camera built into the phone.

The company has already tested the idea on a couple of tablets, and says it’s not quite ready for mass production.

The device will cost about Rs. 500, which is roughly the same as the cost of a tablet and a smartphone (in the US, it’s around $100). 

For now, the company plans to launch in the US and other countries in the next three months.