A Walmart employee who tried to take a break to watch an NFL football game was reportedly fired over the weekend after the incident.

The worker was fired after he was seen standing in a Walmart parking lot and allegedly refusing to leave his vehicle, according to ABC affiliate WKMG-TV in Orlando, Florida.

The employee, who was identified by ABC News as Jason Brown, told the station that he was in the store with his girlfriend and two other associates.

Walmart spokesman Dan O’Donnell told ABC News that the employee was fired because of a “misbehavior complaint” that was filed against him last week.

“The employee did not act in a way that would meet Walmart’s standards,” O’Dell said in a statement to ABC News.

A spokesperson for the National Labor Relations Board said that the agency has been notified of the firing.

As of Monday morning, the Walmart website shows that the worker has been laid off from his job.