In a world where you need to trust your network operator to protect you, security is the number one concern for your enterprise.

That is why you need antivirus protection software, says Andrew P. Oakes, CEO of Oakes Consulting, a cybersecurity consulting firm.

“Antivirus software is a great way to protect your company from hackers, criminals and cyber-criminals.

And when you’re dealing with ransomware attacks, it can be even more important.”

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If you are looking for an enterprise-grade antivirus solution, the following list of the best free and paid antivirus tools can be used to protect the enterprise.”


Malwarebytes Antivirus Free Free or $1.99/month.

Malicious software is no longer a minor issue for many organizations.

However, some of the most common threats are not easily contained.

With this free and enterprise-level antivirus program, MalwareBytes is your one-stop-shop for all the malware protection needs.

The program can scan for malicious files on your network, automatically delete them, and scan for additional malware.


VirusTotal Free or Free, $2.99.

Malvertising, botnets and ransomware attacks are just a few of the threats that can threaten the business.

With VirusTotal, you can find malware infections on your devices, detect the infection on your systems, and monitor for other threats.

VirusFree is also a free option.


AVG Free, Free or Premium.

This free and premium antivirus product comes with a free account and can scan multiple devices and even run on multiple computers.


Kaspersky Free, Premium or Premium, $10.99 or $14.99 a year.

K-Series antivirus products offer a complete suite of protection for enterprise users.

Kupersky, Kasperskin and Kaspersnet are the most popular.

KUPERSKY, which is available on Windows, Mac and Linux, is available in three versions, including Premium, which costs $9.99 and a free trial version, which comes with the Premium service for $24.99 per year.

This is a powerful antivirus and protection solution that you can install on multiple devices.


Avast Free, Pro, Pro+, $6.99-99/year.

This premium product comes in two flavors, Avast Pro and Avast Premium, both of which include Avast Security.

Avacast Security is a free, no-log antivirus with advanced security features that will help protect your organizations against ransomware attacks and other malware.

KIDSAV is available for $3.99, $4.99 (for the first year) or $6/year, which includes one year of free access to the free KIDS AV Security Suite, a comprehensive suite of anti-malware and intrusion detection software.


Avira Free, Plus, Free, No-Log, Free $5.99-$9/month, Free (no-log) or Pro (premium) $14/month or $19/year for a full year Avira is a full-featured, premium antivisk solution that offers advanced features and protection that will protect your organization against malware and other threats, like ransomware, spam and phishing.

This protection is available through the Avira mobile app, and the Avirolight desktop app.


Norton Pro, Premium, Plus or Ultimate, $59.99 for the first month or $99/person per year Norton Pro is a premium antivirware solution that includes the most advanced protection features and advanced features like scanning for ransomware, phishing, spyware and other malicious software.

The Norton Pro Plus offers more advanced features such as anti-spyware, anti-phishing and anti-botnet protection.

Norton Plus includes all of the Norton Pro features, plus the Norton Suite.


AVG Premium, ProPlus or Premium Plus, $49.99 each for the year or $199/year AVG is a fully-familiar and powerful antivirustry solution for enterprise customers.

The AVG Pro Plus is the newest and most advanced AVG antivirus, and is available with premium features and the latest technology.

AVG ProPlus is the most comprehensive and up-to-date antivirus suite on the market.

AVG Security, the company’s premium version, is included with AVG Pro plus and premium Pro Plus, plus a premium ProPlus Plus account.


Kiosk Free, Deluxe, Premium (or Premium Plus), $14 per month, $99 for a year Kiosks is a highly customizable and powerful anti-virus product.

The Kioskin Free is an innovative and advanced anti-fraud tool that can detect and block phishing attempts and malware from all the popular domains and services.

The latest version of Kioskoinsanti-malvertising