Gaborone vs. Genoa Live on TV, Streaming on TV!

Gaborone’s victory over Genoa at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza was not only a great moment for the Italian club, but it was also a moment for fans in general, as well as for Italian football fans worldwide.

It was also the first time that a football match from the Italian capital has been streamed live in the United States on TV.

Gaborones goal came on the 90th minute of the match, when he fired in from a short corner.

Giorgio Bauza was given the green light by referee Roberto Della Valle to score the second goal, after he was fouled on the line.

The referee awarded the goal to Bauzas right foot, after seeing him get a red card in the first half.

Genoa’s win was a huge victory for their coach Antonio Conte, who guided the side to their second consecutive Serie A title, a goal that will undoubtedly help him secure his long-held dream of playing in the Champions league.

It is important to remember that the win was against a very good Juventus side, who will be looking to get back on track against a Roma side that has won just one of their last four matches.