Microsoft has released a video apologizing for security vulnerabilities in the company’s Xbox One, which have caused widespread panic among gamers and caused thousands of users to delete their accounts.

The video, released Wednesday, is a plea to users to get their systems updated, as Microsoft says a number of “critical issues” are affecting the system.

The company says it’s working to “restore trust” with users who are still affected by the security issues.

The video’s content follows a report from the Washington Post that Microsoft was testing the Xbox Live service and was able to exploit a flaw that could allow hackers to steal login credentials and gain access to the console.

The Post reported that Microsoft had begun testing the system to see how it would be affected by a security vulnerability in the console, which it says could have allowed a hacker to remotely wipe a user’s data.

Microsoft has been criticized by security experts for not fixing the flaws in a timely manner, which could have exposed the security flaws to a wider audience of people who had not yet updated their systems.

The company’s CEO, Satya Nadella, has also said that it was too soon to blame Microsoft for the flaws.

Microsoft said it will provide updates to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles in the next two weeks, but users should expect that the system will be patched by then.

Microsoft is currently investigating the reports of security issues in the systems.

The Washington Post also reported that some of the vulnerabilities could be used to steal data from people’s computers.