Updated May 22, 2018 08:05:49I’ve been watching the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9, both of which have been rumored for a couple of months now.

They’ve both been rumored to be a bit different, as well as feature a different design and design language.

While the Samsung phones are mostly pretty similar, there are some significant differences.

While both phones feature a large screen, the Samsung one features a smaller one, and the Samsung phone is slightly more expensive.

In other words, while the S8 has a large display, the S9 has a smaller display.

While the S7 was a pretty interesting phone, it was one of the most expensive phones in its class, so the price tag on the Samsung S9 isn’t as high as some people think.

However, we’ve seen plenty of rumors about Samsungs phones over the years.

While many of them are rumors, a few of them actually actually come from Samsung themselves, and it’s interesting to see them all.

Let’s start with the Galaxy S7.

Samsung has been teasing this phone for months, and we’ve had some rumors from people that claim to have seen the phone in person.

While these are mostly hearsay, we have some information that supports them.

We’ve heard that Samsung is planning to launch a new phone sometime in the coming months, but we’ve heard other rumors that suggest the phone will be called the S1, and possibly even the S2.

While there are plenty of reasons why a S1 would be a great name for a new Samsung phone to launch, the main reason we believe this is because Samsung wants to make sure that the S10 is the only phone that’s available with the S20 branding, and that the name Samsung is going to continue to use on its Galaxy S phones for the foreseeable future.

The S20 is the name that Samsung used on the S6 and S7 smartphones, but in recent years the company has started using a new brand name.

This new brand, S20, is the Samsung name for the next generation of phones that we are all excited to see, and this new name should make the S S10 more of a “wacky” phone, because the company is actually planning to release the S30 phone this year.

It’s not clear what Samsung plans to do with this brand name in the future, but there are rumors that the phone might be called either the S50 or S60.

There’s also a rumor that Samsung might be trying to push a new S20 phone in the US next year, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

There are a few rumors that claim Samsung plans on launching a new Galaxy S10 phone in 2020, but this doesn’t appear to be confirmed.

We can’t confirm the validity of any of these rumors, but what we do know is that Samsung will be releasing a new device in the next few years.

So, while we still don’t know when or where the S70 will launch, we can say that Samsung’s new phone is definitely going to be crazy, and is probably going to change the way people think about the company.