The mobile phone maker says it’s a matter of “value for money” for its security systems, rather than a feature.

The company also wants to increase the security of its software by making it more “app-like” by giving it more functionality, such as “a lock screen that opens automatically when a device is plugged in or a notification.”

Samsung’s new Security Core platform, which will also be rolled out to the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7, includes a set of apps that help users control how they interact with security systems and devices.

The apps are part of the company’s Security Core, or SCREEN-ON, suite of security features.

The first of these is called the “Screen Lock,” which enables the user to toggle between the screen of the device in front of them and the lock screen on the front of the phone.

The other security features include a “Screen Unlocker” that locks a screen in place if the user taps on it, a “Power-On Lock” that makes a screen appear red when the screen is being used, and a “Reset Notification” that pops up a notification if a user is unplugged.

It also comes with a “Key Lock” feature that allows users to enter their Samsung password, which prevents others from entering it.

Samsung also said that a “Lock Screen Unlocker,” which will let users unlock a device remotely, will also appear in the next security update.

SecurityCore is a security product that Samsung is selling to businesses, banks, governments and others for the S6.

It can be downloaded on Android and will be rolled-out to all the S7 devices starting next month.

The firm’s latest security features are likely to be used for the Galaxy Note 5, a Samsung flagship device which is due out in early 2018.

The Note 5 is expected to be the first smartphone to use Samsung’s new security features, and will have a “Smart Security” feature, allowing it to scan a device’s “keyboard, screen, speaker, microphone, camera, and fingerprint sensor,” Samsung said.

It will also have a dedicated “Touch Security” mode that will allow users to unlock a phone from the lock button or “Tap to Unlock” feature.

It said that it has also made other security improvements, including the addition of a fingerprint sensor on the rear of the Note 5.

In the next update, Samsung is expected add the “Touch Smart Lock” to the Note line, which is designed to prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to a device.

The device will also come with a new “Safeguard” mode, which can help protect it against a “potential intrusion,” and “Lock” and “Unlock” features.

Samsung said that the next release of the Galaxy security suite will also add “Screen-on Lock” as an additional security feature, and add a new feature called “Screen Access” to let users see a user’s fingerprint if they unlock a smartphone.