By Mark WilliamsAUSTRALIA’S internet could soon be controlled by a team of robots.

In a move to boost cybersecurity, the government has announced a $50 million robot programme that will enable the creation of a “digital infrastructure” to monitor the internet, and provide advice and guidance to businesses.

A national cybersecurity plan was unveiled last year, but the government’s announcement on Wednesday marks the first time the US government has provided an official definition of cyber security.

In the government announcement, the Australian Government said it was committed to the development of “a national cybersecurity infrastructure that is resilient to cyber threats”.

It was unclear whether the Government would provide funding for the development, but a spokesperson said the $50m funding would be used to “support a broad range of organisations in the area of cyber-related activities”.

“The Government will not be able to invest in a single sector in this funding.

A number of different organisations will be supported to meet their needs,” the spokesperson said.

The Department of Cybersecurity and Communications (DCCSC) said the funding would support “a wide range of entities and organisations in supporting cybersecurity”.

The department said it had a cyber security strategy, which was published in December.

“The strategy is designed to address the cyber threats facing Australia,” the department said.

“Cyber threat threats are becoming increasingly complex and complex cyber events are occurring across a range of sectors and industries, and the threat to national security continues to increase.”

A cyber threat is a system or network that can be hacked by a malicious actor, such as a country or a corporation.

In January, the Federal Government said an increasing number of cyber attacks were being carried out by countries around the world.

It warned that the growing threat of cyber attack was affecting the lives of Australians and that they needed to be prepared.

“A growing number of organisations have been targeted by cyber criminals, some of which are attempting to influence Australian elections, and are engaging in criminal activity to steal money, personal information, and personal data of Australians,” it said.

In October, the Department of Communications said there were more than 1,000 cyber-attacks on government websites.

In December, a security firm found the country’s national security agency had not been able to detect more than 150 cyber-security breaches in the first three months of 2018.

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