In the wake of Brexit, which has sent millions of British citizens fleeing the country and triggered the biggest wave of job cuts in British history, companies and governments are scrambling to find the next best thing.

The list of top 10 firms looking to take advantage of the new uncertainty includes the likes of Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Apple, Amazon Web Services, Google, eBay, Uber and Airbnb.

And with a number of the biggest names in the world now scrambling to figure out what to do next, here’s a look at the companies that are likely to be most impacted.1.


The UK’s largest online retailer has reportedly asked for a three-month extension to its Brexit talks, according to the Wall Street Journal.

A spokesperson for the company told the newspaper that the company is considering whether it could extend the process if it is not happy with the terms of the negotiations.

Amazon is also reportedly considering a merger with rival eBay, which would create an even bigger and more powerful player in the e-commerce industry.2.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that he believes the Brexit process is an opportunity for the internet giant to make its mark in the future.

In an interview with Fortune Magazine, Zuckerberg said: If there’s one thing we know about Facebook, it’s that it works.

And if you think about the challenges in digital advertising, it works really well.

But it also works in other industries.

And we need to be doing more with the technology that we have, especially in this digital age.

The question now is: Can we really leverage that?

Zuckerberg is also considering whether he should sell his stake in Facebook to the public, a move that could potentially save the company millions.3.


Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, Reed Hastings, told CNBC in an interview that Netflix has been working on a merger that would create a new company called Netflix UK, which could bring together Netflix with rival HBO.

Hastings added that the plan is to launch in the next few months.4.


Apple CEO Tim Cook has said he wants to take the company into the future, adding that the “biggest challenge” of Brexit is that the government has “lost its focus” on how to deliver the benefits that people want.

The company CEO also hinted that Apple may have to change the way it manages its money.

Cook said that Apple wants to make sure its stock price goes up as soon as possible, and that it would likely need to “reduce the amount of cash we have on hand and make sure that we keep that going.”5.


The social-media giant has been under intense pressure since last year to find a way to stay in the EU after the Brexit vote.

The site’s Chief Executive Officer Anthony Noto has previously suggested that the site would be “happy” to remain in the UK after Brexit if it were allowed to continue its business.6.


Uber’s chief executive, Travis Kalanick, has been quoted saying that Uber has made the transition from a taxi company to a transportation service because the “real world doesn’t look like a taxi and a car.”

The company has also been discussing its own merger with Lyft, a competitor to Uber.7.

Airbnb (formerly Airbnb).

Airbnb has been making some moves to become a more global company, which it hopes will benefit from the Brexit uncertainty.

Airbnb’s Chief Financial Officer, Richard Gendal said in an email that the Airbnb team is looking to “build a stronger brand and strengthen our long-term business prospects by investing in our core services.”8.

Netflix UK.

Netflix is also in the process of discussing whether it should sell its stake in the company, the Wall St Journal reported.9.

Amazon (formerly Amazon Prime).

Amazon has reportedly been working with Airbnb on a deal to merge their two services.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is reportedly willing to sell his shares in Amazon to the company if it could keep the company afloat.10.


eBay is reportedly working on its own deal with Airbnb.