According to the Federal Trade Commission, the FTC has filed an antitrust lawsuit against DreamTeam Data, the company behind a cloud computing service that allows businesses to track users’ browsing habits and other personal information without their consent.

The FTC claims DreamTeam violated its privacy by selling data from a customer’s device to third parties without permission, which is prohibited by FTC rules.

DreamTeam claims the FTC lawsuit is baseless, and the FTC will not move forward with a lawsuit.

DreamHack, a gaming event that runs over the summer in the Czech Republic, was shut down in June for failing to comply with its privacy rules.

In the wake of DreamHack’s closure, DreamTeam CEO Alexander Dzerzinyk said that DreamHack is working on a new, faster cloud platform.

Dreamhack is currently working on the new DreamCloud platform.

However, DreamCloud’s Privacy Policy says the company does not track users who log in and out of the service.

DreamCloud CEO Simon Cieslik told Ars in June that DreamCloud will release a new privacy policy later this year.

However the company did not respond to Ars’ request for comment at the time.

DreamMap, another gaming company, was also shut down by DreamHack for violating DreamHack rules, but its CEO, Mark Kranz, said that he believes the company was only testing the new platform.

Kranzer said that the company is now working on an updated privacy policy, but declined to provide any details.

DreamTech, a company which offers cloud-based gaming services to businesses and universities, was similarly shut down.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, DreamTech’s new privacy policies require the company to disclose users’ IP addresses to third-party companies.

According the report, Dream Tech had been running a “closed-source” testing process with DreamTeam to identify flaws in its new service, which could have allowed third parties to gain access to user information without DreamTeam’s knowledge.

Dreamtech declined to comment when contacted by Ars.

DreamNet, another cloud gaming company founded by DreamTech founder, said it is not disclosing any of its users’ data.

Dreamnet did not immediately respond to a request for comments on the FTC’s lawsuit.