What are the chances that the Houston Texans will make it to the postseason? 

The Texans are a perennial Super Bowl contender, but the season doesn’t start until Sunday at 7 p.m.

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The Houston Texans (2-2) will need to win three of their final four games to reach the playoffs for the first time since 2010.

That means a return to the Super Bowl.

The following is a list of the top NFL teams in the NFC and AFC West that could make the postseason this year:1.

San Francisco 49ers2.

New England Patriots3.

Seattle Seahawks4.

Oakland Raiders5.

Carolina Panthers6.

Cincinnati Bengals7.

Dallas Cowboys8.

Green Bay Packers9.

Atlanta Falcons10.

Pittsburgh Steelers11.

New York Giants12.

Philadelphia Eagles13.

Arizona Cardinals14.

Tennessee Titans15.

Miami Dolphins16.

Arizona Chargers17.

New Orleans Saints18.

Kansas City Chiefs19.

Detroit Lions20.

Baltimore Ravens21.

Buffalo Bills22.

Indianapolis Colts23.

Dallas Texans24.

New Zealand Rugby team25.

Chicago Bulls26.

Los Angeles Rams27.

San Diego Chargers28.

Arizona Coyotes29.

Miami Heat30.

Houston Texans31.

St. Louis Rams32.

New Jersey Devils33.

Arizona Panthers34.

Seattle Mariners35.

Miami Marlins36.

Pittsburgh Pirates37.

San Jose Sharks38.

Buffalo Sabres39.

St Louis Rams40.

Chicago Bears41.

Atlanta Hawks42.

Cleveland Browns43.

Detroit Pistons44.

Pittsburgh Bengals45.

San Antonio Spurs46.

Detroit Tigers47.

Dallas Mavericks48.

New Hampshire Wildcats49.

New Mexico Lobos50.

Buffalo Bulls51.

Denver Nuggets52.

Philadelphia Flyers53.

Chicago Red Stars54.

Washington Capitals55.

Miami Hurricanes56.

Tennessee Volunteers57.

Minnesota Vikings58.

Minnesota Twins59.

Philadelphia 76ers60.

Stony Brook Pirates61.

Cincinnati Reds62.

San Juan Islanders63.

Washington State Cougars64.

Houston Cougars65.

Jacksonville Jaguars66.

Pittsburgh Panthers67.

New Delhi Huskies68.

Kansas State Wildcats69.

Boston College Eagles70.

Florida Gators71.

Memphis Tigers72.


Oakland Athletics73.

Pittsburgh Red Bulls74.

Atlanta Braves75.

Cleveland Indians76.

San Franccos 77.

Tennessee Vols78.

Seattle Huskies79.

Washington Eagles80.

Oakland Coliseum81.

Washington Wizards82.

Arizona Wildcats83.

Cleveland Cavaliers84.

Houston Rockets85.

Indianapolis Falcons86.

Miami Football87.

Chicago Cubs88.

Detroit Wolverines89.

Detroit Red Wings90.

New Brunswick Fighting Saints91.

Louisville Cardinals92.

Oakland Cougars93.

Indianapolis Indians94.

Jacksonville Dolphins95.

Miami Blue Devils96.

Tennessee Longhorns97.

Minnesota Golden Gophers98.

Cincinnati Bearcats99.

San Clemente Raiders100.

Memphis Storm101.

Seattle Thunderbirds102.

Chicago Fire03.

New Haven Zips04.

Miami Fusion05.

Memphis Sting 06.

Florida Panthers07.

Pittsburgh Zips08.

Jacksonville Sharks09.

Tampa Bay Rays10.

New Carolina Hurricanes11.

Charlotte 49ers12.

Washington Redskins13.

Buffalo Bears14.

Kansas Jayhawks15.

San Fransisco 49ers16.

Kansas University17.

Cincinnati Cardinals18.

Syracuse University19.

North Carolina State Tar Heels20.

Pittsburgh Tigers21.

Stirling Albion22.

Stuarts University23.

Washington Huskies24.

University of North Carolina-Greensboro25.

Ohio State Buckeyes26.

Miami University27.

Syracuse Buckeyes28.

New College Prep 29.

Tennessee Tech30.

University at Buffalo31.

Indiana University32.

North Alabama 33.

Virginia Commonwealth 34.

Cincinnati Zips35.

University, of Southern California36.


University City 38.

University in Georgia 39.

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi40.

University University of Cincinnati41.

University Of Maryland 42.

University At Buffalo43.

University West Virginia44.

Florida Atlantic University45.

University Interscholastic Athletic Association46.

University College Dublin47.

University Medical Center, Dublin48.

University Park 49.

University North Carolina 50.

University South Dakota 51.

University Theta 52.

University Southern Illinois 53.

University the Bronx 54.

University East Carolina 55.

University San Diego 56.

University Sacramento 57.

University Riverside 58.

University Columbus 59.

University Pittsburgh 60.

University Santa Barbara 61.

University California, Irvine 62.

University De La Salle 63.

University Irvine 64.

University Colorado 65.

University Los Angeles 66.

University Phoenix 67.

University Portland 68.

University Saint Mary’s 69.

University Austin 70.

University Kansas 71.

University Arizona 72.

University Fresno 73.

University Utah 74.

University El Paso 75.

University St. Thomas 76.

University Amherst 77.

University Minnesota 78.

University Texas 81.

University Oregon 82.

University Boise 83.

University Western Carolina 84.

University Houston 85.

University New Mexico 86.

University Denver 87.

University Rice 88.

University Ohio 89. University