The world’s most valuable phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5, is rated as the world’s best smartphone in the latest security report from the Information Security Professionals of America (ISPA).

The company’s security director, Brian Schindler, said that the smartphone was one of the most secure devices on the market.

Samsung has been criticized for having a poor reputation in the past, with a recent report from The Information indicating that Samsung had been found to have breached data in the US in the summer of 2016.

The company has been under fire recently for its response to the North Korean government’s cyberattacks, which prompted a wave of boycotts.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which is still available for preorder, is also in the top 10, along with the Samsung Note 7, the Note 6, and the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy phones are rated by the ISPA as having high levels of user security, but they are also highly susceptible to phishing and malware attacks.

While the company has recently added a number of security features to the devices, it still does not seem to be making the devices more secure.

For example, a security researcher who has spent years looking into Samsung’s security, Alex Stamos, told Forbes that the company’s Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has been a very secure device.

“I think you can take a look at the most recent Samsung phones, the Galaxy Note series, and they are all really well-built and secure,” Stamos said.

Samsung phones are also often one of Samsung’s most expensive phones.

In an article for the tech website Gizmodo, security researcher Adam Johnson revealed that Samsung phones had been rated the third most expensive phone in the world by an organization called iSEC.

This number is somewhat misleading, however.

The organization’s data does not take into account the value of the device itself, nor does it account for the price of the software it uses.

Samsung was also not the only company to receive a poor rating in the recent ISPA survey.

According to the organization’s own rankings, Apple received a grade of 0.7, Google received a 0.6, and Amazon received a score of 0 and 0.8 respectively.

Samsung is expected to make significant changes to its devices over the next few years.

Samsung may have a few more devices to introduce over the coming year, including the Galaxy Pro line of tablets, the upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone, and more.

Samsung will unveil the new Galaxy S9 in the coming weeks.