Botswana is the latest country to launch a new Apple Watch in 2018, and it’s also the first in the world where the new device will be available as a phone.

Botswana’s new Smartphone Smartphone, launched last week, features a dual-core Intel Atom E7 processor, 16GB of storage, and a 5-megapixel camera on the front.

The Smartphone also comes with an optional Wi-Fi antenna.

Botswanians can get the Smartphone in two colors: white and black.

The device is also compatible with most of the new Apple Watches currently on the market.

The Apple Watch’s new smartwatch model will launch on September 11 in Botswana, the country’s first official launch, according to a press release.

Botswans will have the option to buy a new smartphone in the next few months, according the Botswana government.

A company called SmartPhone is planning to launch two new smartwatches in the country this year, the first of which will be launched in 2018.

Bots’ Smartphone will reportedly be compatible with Apple Watch models from the company’s Apple Watch Sport model and the second of which is planned for 2019.

The announcement of the SmartPhone comes after Botswana announced that it will soon launch its first Apple Watch.

The country’s government has yet to release any official information about the Smart Phone, but the company has already been working on its watch and has announced it will launch the watch in 2019.

Bots will have two watches to celebrate the countrys first Apple-branded Smartphone.

The first one, called Smartphone 5, will feature a white or black case with an Apple logo on it.

Bots also has plans to launch the second Apple-designed smartwatch, Smartphone 8, later this year.

The company hopes that its new watch will help boost tourism in Botswan.

“We are a nation of over 50 million people, and we need to do everything we can to provide the best possible experiences for our visitors,” said the Botswampese government in a press conference on Thursday.

“This is why we are building a new generation of smartwares that will ensure Botswana stays at the forefront of smartwatch technology.”

Botswapoes watch is likely to include a number of features that could boost tourism, like a smartwatch that will display the local weather and the time.

Bots have long relied on Apple products, including the Apple Watch, which has long been a source of pride for the country.

Bots is not the first country to announce a new Smart Phone in 2018: Taiwan has also announced the Smartwatch 8 in 2019, and Thailand announced a new version of its smartwatch in November.