Posted September 25, 2018 04:01:08The FBI needs an aggressive cybercrime policy that focuses on preventing cybercrime and identifying the root causes of the problem, Attorney General Jeff Sessions told lawmakers Tuesday.

“The FBI must have the tools and capacity to conduct the kind of investigation that it needs to investigate and prosecute cybercrime,” Sessions said at the White House.

“If we don’t have those tools and capabilities, we risk losing the fight against cybercrime.”

Sessions was responding to a question about how the FBI should proceed with its cyber-investigation into Russia’s election interference, which has prompted calls from lawmakers for a review of the bureau’s cyberwarfare strategy.

Sessions said the bureau has been working to “deconstruct” cyber-criminals, but acknowledged the investigation is “not yet complete.”

“We are a cyber-warfare agency, and we have the capacity to do that,” he said.

“We don’t yet know exactly how we’re going to accomplish that, but we’re doing the best we can.”

Says the FBI must focus on cybercrime, not terrorismSessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray have argued that the FBI cannot conduct the type of investigation necessary to identify the cyber-threats behind Russia’s interference.

The bureau must focus more on “the root causes” of the threat, Sessions said.

The FBI must use the tools that it has, rather than trying to figure out why people do what they do.

And the focus must be on the underlying problems.

That means, for example, trying to understand why there’s a spike in spamming in certain areas.

Or why people in certain places are doing what they’re doing and others aren’t.

That is a question for the investigative team, not the FBI,” Sessions told reporters.

The FBI is already working on the cybersecurity strategy, which will include a plan to expand its cybersecurity workforce to a total of 15,000.