You may have been able to use your iPhone without ever installing a security patch.

But if you’re one of the many Australians who don’t, the Apple iPhone Security Patch Tuesday is here to help.

You’re not alone.

It’s the second-biggest security patch to hit the iOS platform, behind the latest version of the Mac OS X operating system.

If you’re using an older iPhone or iPad, you may still be able to install the security patch if it comes with the latest iOS update.

But for those of you who need to install it now, Apple says it will help you with that.

Apple said it will release the patch for download on Thursday, and it will be delivered free of charge.

It will also be free of any charge for any iOS device you own.

But what is the security update?

In short, it’s a patch that fixes a bug that allows an attacker to remotely compromise your iPhone.

The latest version contains an update to the security certificate that allows your device to be used over the Internet.

This means that a man-in-the-middle attacker who can hijack your phone using its SSL certificate can use the vulnerability to make any app that runs on the device, including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, open a “back door” to steal personal data.

This kind of exploit is known as a “remote code execution” vulnerability, and was discovered in April, after a hacker named Joshua Bloch used a flaw in the iOS certificate to gain access to the Apple developer website.

Apple said it had worked closely with the security community to make sure the security updates were safe.

Apple has not released a public version of this update, but has released an “updates for developers” download.

The updates include the following: A fix for an issue in the certificate that allowed an attacker who is not a user to compromise your device.

This fix resolves a previously unreported issue that could allow an attacker with the same password to remotely log into your device with the correct username and password.

An update to ensure that certificates for Apple’s own certificate store (CRL) are properly signed by Apple, and that they are trusted by third-party apps.

This update adds the following new validation criteria: “Validator: certStore” means that you need the certificate store to be signed by a trusted CA (certificate authority).

For the CA to be trusted by apps, it needs to be an Apple CA CA certificate, as defined in the CA certificate store policy.

“Validators: certificateStoreVerifier” means a certificate must be trusted from a trusted certificate store, not an app.

“Verifier: issuer” means the CA has issued the certificate.

“Subject:” means the certificate has been verified, or signed by an authority (e.g. a trusted issuer).

If a certificate is verified, the update will not remove the update from your device, but will instead only apply it to the app that uses the certificate for its security.

It’s important to note that the updated version doesn’t change any other Apple policies or requirements for certificates.

So, if you’ve got a newer iPhone with the iOS 10.2.2 or iOS 10-10.3.3 update installed, you’ll still need to update to this latest version.

If your device hasn’t been updated yet, you should still be using the old security update, as there are no other changes.

How to download the latest Apple security patch?

If you have an older iOS device, you can download the Apple security update using the link below: iPhone security patch Tuesday is available on Thursday for free download.

You’ll need to manually click on the link to download it.

To find out if the iOS security patch is right for you, you might be able try to install a third-parties app on your device by entering the following command: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-add-repository ppa:apple/security-update-manager To install the latest security patch, you will need to open the Terminal app, enter the following commands: apt-get install apt -x install-driver-security-patch The Terminal app is a command line interface for running apps and accessing system services.

The command above opens the Terminal and shows you the available commands.

Now you’re ready to install or update your iPhone security patch: sudo apt update sudo reboot If you installed an app or downloaded it from the App Store, you’re almost done!

To update your app, you need a copy of the iOS app’s .deb package.

Open the Terminal window, enter: dpkg update sudodpkg install security-patch-1.0.2-iphone Then reboot your device and it should download and install the new security patch automatically.

For more information on updating your app or download an app, check out our guide on